Business Owners and Entrepreneurs-- Ask Yourself:

  • Is my Company profitable? hint: think like an investor
  • Do I have enough cash in the bank? hint: how much is enough
  • Do I make the best use of my capital? hint: how and what do you measure
  • Is my business sustainable? hint: do you know what and how to forecast
IMPORTANT: Do I have the tools and experience to answer the questions above?

If you answered no then--


   Welcome to Strategic Growth Network

Who We Are

We are experienced financial and business managers who use unique financial analysis tools and years of business acumen to help you answer these questions. We help you understand the potential financial implications to the decisions you must make in your business. We efficiently and tangibly deliver this depth of service to you; the growth minded small and medium size business owner.


The Process

It is our process that allows us to give our clients the core financial competencies they need in their business. Following is how the process works:

  • We perform an analysis of your past performance and compare those with trends within your business and your industry.
  • We participate with you in setting short and long-term goals through goal seeking exercises and what-if scenario analysis.
  • We build financial models based on current and future targets.
  • We meet with you and your management team monthly to analyze and discuss financial and business results in comparison to your goals.
  • We assist you in evaluating current operational and strategic decisions in advance so that you can minimize your risk.

For more regarding the process click here.

The Result

The result of SGN's hands-on consulting process will be greater company profits and valuation based on controlled, deliberate, targeted-growth. Strategic Growth Network’s flat consulting fee means you know exactly what you will be paying, for an investment into your future.