Building Block #4

Last, but certainly not least, the role of the CFO is to counsel; Strategic Growth Network considers this to be the main value-added function of the CFO.

Forecasting and budgeting is the heart of financial management. The information contained in your forecasts and budgets, is useless unless you know how to use it. This is where the outsourced CFO comes in: our role is to counsel management on financial matters. We apply our knowledge and experience to all of the financial reports, forecasts and analyses to determine the best path for your company, and then advise you and your management team on what to do about it.

It is only by leveraging all of these financial management tools that your business can succeed to its maximum potential.

Following are the deliverables in the fourth building block of financial management:

  • Monthly meetings
  • Budget vs. Actual analysis
  • Results of analysis and possible impacts to future
  • Assist in setting strategic goals and objectives
  • Risk assessments and mitigation in all areas of the business
  • Assist in future  decisions


Sample Projections


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