Building Block #3

A CFO is accountable for strategic financial planning, annual budgeting, and regular monitoring of financial variances. Strategic Growth Network will assist with annual forecasts, preparing operating and capital budgets, implementation of strategic financial plans, and undertaking financial corrective actions as performance requires. We will look at actual monthly performance and compare that performance to the goals and forecasts that we  build together.

Financial forecasting, an essential element of planning, is the basis for budgeting and estimating future capital and financing needs. How will you know if your company is on track if you have nothing to compare it to? We build and compare performance to two forecasts. One forecast representing a slightly aggressive limit, and one forecast representing a more conservative limit. Together these forecasts can define a financial lane that we try to run the company on. The lane is built to take your business to your long term goals for the company.


Following are the deliverables in the third building block of financial management:

  • Goal seeking process to define long term and short term goals

  • Forecasted income statement and balance sheets

  • Forecasted ratios and trends

  • Forecasted cash flow and borrowing needs



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